300th Anniversary of Sankt-Petersburg: Sanct-Peterbourg in Ingria, Ruined by Russia

Witness of the Truth
Witness of the Truth

The author of this project is one of the last descendants of true Peterbourgians. His task is to tell the world the Truth about his annihilated Town, its annihilated Finno-Ugrian land and about his own ancestors who were typical Peterbourgians of the 19th and
the beginning of the 20th c.

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On the main page you see the author in Volkov Cemetery, Catholic plot of the Lutheran part, at the graves of Visconti demolished by hooligans similarly to practically all graves of historical Sanct-Peterbourg. The grave of the first ancestor of the author in Sanct-Petersburg, who came to the Town at the end of 18th. c., i.e. of Johann Chrostopher Klosse, known druggist in Tzarskoe, has been fully annihilated even earlier (Kazan Cemetery in so-called "Pushkin" "Detskoe Selo", real name - Tzarskoe Selo < Saarskoe < from local Finno-Ugrian autochthon Saarikyla).
Total annihilation of cemeteries of real westernized Peterbourgians after 1917 was part of ideological work to rub off the memory of the true West-European character of this Town. This work has been carried out up today and it is part of the 300th Anniversary. Finally even the authorities began to save rests of the grave stones from the vandalism of native hooligans because the absence of such things witnessed the absence of history. This is the way in which last grave monuments were saved in so called "Museum of Town's Sculpture".

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What is the Truth

The Truth is that the Town never has been ethnic Russian from the very beginning. Its Founder Peter I aimed to create a West-European town and he did this. Such Town existed up to the ethnic Russian revolt of 1917, and it was Metropolis of ethnic Russia with Moscow as real Russian capital.
Sanct-Peterbourg was a West-European town in Finno-Ugrian land of Ingria, not any ethnic Russian town in ethnic Russia.
This Town does not exist any more and cannot be restored without the annihilated tradition.

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