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Was "Varfolomey Varfolomeevitch" Rastrelli a son of a "Russianized" Italian? Was he "creator of the Russian Baroque architecture"? Is Hermitage a representation of Russian cultural tradition with all icons and matryoshkas in its shops? Has "St. Petersburg" been founded in the Russian land? Was the Russian dynasty of Romanov representatives of the Old Russian nobility?

Official Lie

Since Soviet times there are several "key-points" in Leningrad (now as if restored as "Sankt-Peterburg"), obligatory demonstrated to all tourists. One of them is the Museum of Hermitage, a complex of several palaces, the main of which is said to have been designed by Varfolomey Varfolomeevitch Rastrelli, a son of as if Russianized Italian immigrant. This "Varfolomey Varfolomeevitch", as it is declared everywhere, became creator of "Russian Baroque" (i.e. baroquianized "kolokolnyas" or similar exotic elements of Russian church architecture). To confirm the idea that Rastrelli developed Russian architecture, a lot of exotic things are shown and sold, e.g. Byzantic paintings on wooden desks - so-called icons, or formless and tasteless garish "matryoshkas" - Asiatic dolls-boxes. The tourists are informed that this town was founded in Russian land, re-conquered from the Swedes by Russian Czar Peter I, and that since then up to 1918 it was Russian capital and residence of the Russian Czar dynasty of Romanov. Most of the tourists believe all this lie and hurry to purchase a Russian souvenir matryoshka from "Sankt-Petersburg".
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True Sanct-Peter(s)bourg and its Annihilation

In fact, Sanct-Peter(s)bourg was founded by West-Oriented Russian Czar Peter Romanov who hated ethnic Russian Moscovite tradition. He dreamt to convert Russia into West-Europe. For this he created his Town in conquered Finno-Ugrian land of Ingria, not in Russia.
This Town became Metropolis over Russia with its capital Moscow and it dictated Western norms of culture and life to all its Empire which was Sanct-Peterbourg Empire, not any ethnic Russian Empire up to 1917. The official Orthodoxy, as well as the Russian language (beside which German and French were widely used), could not change the Western character of the Metropolis. The Orthodoxy was only intermediary means between the ruling elite and Russia.
The elite were formed of constant 20 % of total residents of Sanct-Peterbourg. Of them up to 40%-60% were of non-Russian ethnic origin in the middle of the 19th c. , the others adapted to those 40%-60%.
In 1917 Russia revolted and annihilated its Metropolis with all its Western culture and the elite. Parallel the atochthons of Ingria, i.e. the Inkeris (Izhora), the Votes and the Ingermanlandian Fins were annihilated in ethnic cleansing.
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Witness of the Truth

The author of this project is one of the last descendants of true Peterbourgians. His task is to tell the world the Truth about his annihilated Town, its annihilated Finno-Ugrian land and about his own ancestors who were typical Peterbourgians of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th c.
The Museum
It is impossible to restore ruined European Sanct-Peterbourg without its true representatives. The latter murdered and their cultural tradition interrupted, only a Museum can represent Peterbourg as former unique unit of Europe. A private Museum, independent from the state, is to be set up showing traditional life of typical westernized Middle Class family of true Peterbourgians while traces and authentic flat of such a family may still be found in this Town.

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